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beyond tellerrand & IndieWebCamp 2016 in Düsseldorf

I had a blast. I've been to beyond tellerrand before (I think this year's was my fifth one, including those in Berlin), and it's been the third IndieWebCamp I've attended. So I kinda knew what to expect, but still — as every time — I was amazed with everything.

This time I really did not rush anything and already arrived on Friday and left on Wednesday. And it was the best thing I could do — even more time to learn exciting new stuff and talk to amazing people. Having chats and rants about technology, philosophy, work and everything in between with like-minded people and all the amazing talks is what really makes this conference shine. Marc Thiele and his friends and supporters are doing an amazing job organizing this event, and while not every talk was for me, there was not one bad or even boring topic. And that was just the conference ;) — everybody at the IndieWebCamp was just as stellar, and that whole IndieWebCamp-Movement is sure worth an own blog post (in the future).

What I really like the most about this whole event, is that the asshole-rate tends to be close to zero. So many open-minded and friendly people from the tech- and web-industry in one place — I think that's hard to find and to accomplish.

So thanks a lot to everybody who's been there and made this conference one of the best I've been to. I'm not gonna mention any names or Twitter-handles, because I'm sure as hell gonna forget somebody. So: feel hugged if you want to. Yes, you too!

I'm gonna be in Berlin in November, so see you all there! But now, for some obligatory photos: